iGrad’s Entrance & Exit Counseling will allow students to receive a learning experience that is not only Department of Education compliant, but is also fun and engaging. This video-based counseling provides an interactive and comprehensive experience that will not only educate students about their loans, but will give them the education they need when it comes to Financial Literacy and Financial Aid.

Entrance and Exit Counseling Highlights Include:

  • Smart Borrowing (need vs. want)
  • Student loan calculators
  • Video-based steps that instruct the student on federal student loans, payment options, payment plans, consequences of default, etc.
  • Pre and post-testing
  • Debt management strategies
  • A dynamic experience tailored to the individual based on their specific loans
  • Detailed and customizable reporting
  • Real-time reporting that formats and mirrors the Department of Education’s process to minimize changes for the schools current process



Click here to ask a question or to find out if your school is eligible to use iGrad's video-based student loan entrance & exit counseling.