SAN DIEGO—Because personality type directly influences how people handle their finances, San Diego-based financial wellness company iGrad has launched the first financial wellness assessment to teach the “why” behind financial decision-making and recommend personality-based positive changes.  This financial behavior assessment is now available on the iGrad and Enrich Financial Wellness Platforms.
Developed by leading financial wellness and behavioral economics experts, Your Money Personality™ incorporates a personality test that is similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) by assessing financial behaviors across a range of categories, including outlook, emotions, focus, influence, and bonus. It helps users understand each component of their money personality, including dominant traits, strengths, and challenges—an understanding that is essential to making long-term changes.
“Working within natural tendencies and traits will lead to more success when trying to change habits and behavior,” said iGrad founder and President Rob LaBreche. “Your Money Personality helps people gain insight into how their personality type influences everything from budgeting to saving for retirement and then teaches them to make better financial decisions.”

More than 30,000 people have participated in Your Money Personality since its launch in 2018. A recent survey of nearly 650 participants revealed:

  • 55 percent said they reduced unnecessary spending
  • 47 percent said financial anxiety and stress has decreased
  • 37 percent increased their savings
  • 33 percent have increased what they are paying towards debt
  • 22 percent established or increased their retirement savings

Your Money Personality uses Likert-type scale questions to assess financial behaviors, including spending, saving and budgeting.  After answering questions in categories including emotions, focus, outlook, and influence, users learn their financial strengths and challenges and receive specific direction on how to work towards achieving financial wellness.

About iGrad

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