Financial Wellness in the Classroom

Teach your students how to effectively manage their money, practice smart borrowing, and make wise decisions when it comes to their finances.

iGrad Mobile Optimized Platform

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  • Award winning online financial education platform which includes courses, tools, tutorials, calculators, etc.

  • Recommended structure on how to implement the iGrad platform into a classroom/course setting.

  • Client Success Team to support school initiatives

  • Comprehensive administrator console with real-time reporting

  • Available to current students, alumni, and family members

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Best Product of 2012-2014

University Business Magazine

iGrad - Education Program of the Year - Institute of Financial Literacy
  • Established in 2007, the mission of the Excellence In Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Awards is to promote the effective delivery of consumer financial products, services and education by acknowledging the accomplishments of those that advance financial literacy education.

Education Program of the Year

Institute of Financial Literacy

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How It Works

Customizable financial education platform

iGrad is a continuous and adaptive learning experience for our users. The platform grows and adapts to the user’s knowledge gain and financial situation at any given time in their life. Our customization capabilities are second to none, and our ability to integrate our platform into the classroom or within an orientation setting has made iGrad the number one choice for Colleges and Universities nationwide.


  • Adaptive learning and personalized content
  • Educational experience covers all core competencies of financial management
  • Library of financial education courses with personalized action plans
  • Pre and post quiz questions
  • Knowledge gain measurement
  • Financial behavior assessment
  • Access to video library for remote learning
  • Tools: Student loan analysis, budgeting, home affordability, smart borrowing and more!
  • Administrative reporting console
  • Client Success Team
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars


The ultimate goal of a successful financial wellness program is positive financial behavior changes. There is substantial research on which educational factors influence behavior change, and the most common factors which have been shown to effectively produce behavior change are relevance, interaction and repetition. The iGrad Platform heavily utilizes these three factors throughout the user experience.

Relevance refers to the topic's pertinence or probability that it will be needed in the near future. The effectiveness of personal finance education is increased when it is personalized and can be applied to the user's own situation. Several studies have demonstrated that personal finance education is most effective when the learner is seeking to accomplish a financial goal, such as creating a budget or setting up a savings account. The iGrad platform promotes relevance through adaptive learning and personalization. Each user receives a unique experience based on their own goals, needs, and financial situation.

Interaction is crucial to the process of “understanding.” Interaction forces the student to apply learned concepts to situations in their own life and can actually alter the “method” of learning. Interaction is relied upon extensively throughout the user experience on the iGrad platform. Interactive graphics, interactive tools, calculators and interactive educational courses are found throughout the user's journey.

Repetition is also a highly effective educational tactic when employed correctly. Research has shown that retention is higher when education is presented and reinforced in similar settings. The iGrad platform leverages repetition by offering multiple delivery formats for every topic. Users have the choice of learning through webinars, articles, videos, interactive courses, infographics, Q&A forums, interactive graphics, games, challenges, and much more.


At iGrad, we strive to offer not only an industry-leading product to the schools and organizations we work with, but a partnership built on exceptional communication, support, and service. Our Client Success team will work closely with you on engagement strategies regarding what communication, incentive, and content approaches would best address the financial wellness priorities for your school. Our team will also provide instruction on how to implement iGrad into a classroom/orientation setting along with a recommended structure on how to guide the class.